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New features 1. New DiBox 2.0 media support. Please use updated Cloud Uploader version: New movies from DiBox 2.0: Office (Figure of Eight, Live Photo) Fire (Figure of Eight, Live Photo) Office Stereo (Figure of Eight) ASET White (Image, Figure of Eight, Live Photo) ASET Black (Image, Figure of Eight,…
New features 1. New Optical Performance Metrics – Brilliance and Optical Symmetry, view details and sorting. Now metrics are shown on: Home page (listing). Picture 1A.  Compare page. Picture 1B. Public Boards. Picture 1C. Optical Metrics Report. Picture 1D. 2. Fullscreen view for public boards to demonstrate diamonds beauty. Picture 2.1. Picture 2.2.   Demo Public Board –  3. Import information about your products from CSV files. Manual.…
New features 1. Public boards for your saved searches. Example:  link for board and indications - published or not published yet. Picture 1.  edit public board for author. Picture 2. view public board. Picture 3.  2. New video preset for gyroscope. Test on mobile phone this link (tap to this icon Picture 4):…
New features 1. Online tour for Saved Searches feature. (for authorized users). Screenshot 2017-05-04 14.55.37.pngScreenshot 2017-05-04 14.55.47.png 2. Improvements of optical metrics report. Now report is visible to all registered users. Reference diamond is shown:   Screenshot 2017-05-04 15.02.52.png Viewfinder for large diamonds lists:  Screenshot 2017-05-04 15.03.35.png Major bugfixes and improvements 1.…
New features View stone videos in gyro mode (only for mobile devices). Gyro_1.jpgGyro_2.jpg See sample video for test on iOs or Android devices: Sample1, Sample2 Password recovery. Screen Shot 2017-04-03 at 15.54.10.png View stone videos in grayscale (for colorless diamonds). Screenshot 2017-04-03 16.09.53.…
New features New stone editing page with media data management. Example1.  Example2.   Online tour for new functionality (fire metrics and optical metrics report). Example. Info buttons for new elements. Example. Major bugfixes and improvements Authorization with google account. Example.  Minor bugfixes and improvements Some minor bugfixes for frontend in browser Egde. 

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